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Hello I'm Charlotte otherwise known as Charly , my life changed in a big way since 2007 before then i was your average teenager just got a uni place friends then boom ...... i had a stroke. Even though couldn't diagnose it at first many tests later prodding poking mri's bloods etc you get the idea they diagnosed me with CNSV which stands for central nervous system vasculitis.

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In my case it ended up with me having 4 stroke before the age of 18 . The last stroke did the most damage it gave left sided weakness which affects my mobility or its called Hemiplegia. Also i have Aphasia which means i cannot talk at all but saying this i got across what i mean or want to say by either American Sign Language which is very long winded but i get there ...eventually.

I'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me not even close, I'm slowly moving on picking up pieces of the jigsaw that someone ha kindly thrown up in the air slowly but surely slotting the pieces back together. I have a wonderful fiancee and an angel of a daughter and a family who have supported me throughout i love i you guys.

I found make up comforted me i used it as a disguise so it could take hide myself because i didn't like what was staring back at me (i have issues lol).Make up has become a very good friend of mine and has turned into a slight obsession and passion , I'm constantly out spending money on make up much to partner dismay and constantly on You tube looking at other beauty gurus.I'm slowly getting better about the way i feel bout self so yeah i plan to keep on improving so watch this space.




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